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Artist's Statement


My work is currently undergoing a transition. I carry with me core themes of interest that were evident in my earlier paintings. Varying depths of field and peripheral vision are both subjects that have threaded throughout my work. In particular these were addressed in Hitchcock I & II, which explores the full range of our visual experience. Underpinned by a story board format, these paintings present a stream of consciousness visual narrative, whilst the limited palette and blurred content reinforces a suggestion of unease. 

I continue to further examine these themes, though now within the context of drawing. I am reconnecting with the fundamental art of drawing, to examine mark making as an art form in its own right. Graphite, charcoal, pencil, pen - I am exploring the use of minimal materials with which to communicate meaning.  Minimising materials, minimising the colour field, polarises the senses. Reduced information gives directed focus, but also hints at something unrevealed.

Our eyes scan and flit around our everyday world, often leaving things unseen, unregistered, unappreciated. Ordinary details and nuances are lost in an overwhelming wealth of visual information. Our peripheral environment, whilst absorbed, is often unnoticed. I seek to capture those fleeting moments. To savour and record the elusive, giving focus to those things of which we take for granted; the things we see and touch every day, to filter out the overwhelming noise and focus on examining and offering an experience, extracted from one place and time.


Tracey Jayne Thomas

Aberystwyth, Wales

Art Training

2021 – Present

Studying for MA, Fine Art 

School of Art, Aberystwyth University


2010 – 2013

BA (Hons) First Class, Fine Art 

School of Art, Aberystwyth University


2005 – 2009

Life Drawing

CWP, Aberystwyth University  



Oil Painting 

School of Education and Lifelong Learning, Aberystwyth University



Life Drawing

Aberystwyth Arts Centre


2000 – 2002

HND Graphic Design and Illustration
Cornwall College, Camborne Cornwall


1998 – 2000

Advanced GNVQ Art and Design 

Penwith College, Penzance, Cornwall

Publication and Awards


Frances Williams Art Prize


International Artist Magazine,

10-page feature article


Finalist, International Artist Magazine, art challenge


Winner, public vote, Ceredigion Art Society group exhibition




Undergraduate Degree Show/Post Graduate Exhibition 2013, School of Art, Aberystwyth University



Ceredigion Art Society, Ceredigion Museum



Ceredigion Art Society, Ceredigion Museum 

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