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  • TraceyJayneThomas

A room of one's own

Photo of keys with a toy mouse keyring

Being given the key to a studio of my own (my studio!) was a huge moment. I had been given a space to think and create. In this room my mind will be free to go wherever it wants.

Photo of the artist's studio

Moving in, bringing in my sketchbooks and materials, was exciting. But then, sitting there with a cup of tea in hand, came the quiet. There was me, and a desk, and a room full of expectation. Now it was up to me.

For various reasons I've been artistically inactive for a long time, and I'm unsure how or where to start. I feel that in order to move forward, I need to understand where I've come from.

I intend to go through all of my work to date; from the handful of drawings I still have from when I was a teenager, through early art courses, my independent endeavours, my undergraduate work, to the handful of drawings I have done since graduating.

What my ego would like to see is progression, growth, development, individuality...

What I at least hope to see is a journey - a path.



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