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  • TraceyJayneThomas

And so it begins...

Photo of the main stairwell in the Aberystwyth School of Art

As I embark on my Masters degree in Fine Art, I feel privileged to say that this is the view that greets me every time I walk into the School of Art, that this is where I gained my BA. I do have to keep reminding myself of that though, that I have a degree, first class at that, because right now, I feel a fraud.

During MA induction meetings, the term 'imposter syndrome' was discussed; that so far through our pursuit of being a Master of our chosen subject, we will feel this, it is common.

The thing is, I felt this from the moment I received confirmation of my acceptance. That everything I had ever been taught, all the information I had gained, discovered or found along the way, everything that got me here, has been buried under eight years of life's distractions.

When I sit in that seminar room, I experience a strange combination of two very different strong emotions:

  1. Discomfort - I know nothing, they've made a mistake, I shouldn't be here.

  2. Comfort - like coming home, that this is exactly where I should be.

So, until they realise their mistake...



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